Privacy Policy

The Tuckahoe Elementary School Parent Teacher Association (TESPTA) is committed to protecting your privacy and will collect no personal information about you unless you choose to provide that information to us.   The only personal information we currently collect is for those users interested in receiving alerts of new editions of the TESPTA’s official newsletter, Signals.

Visitors Tracking & Reporting

We constantly strive to improve the TESPTA website.  As such, when you visit, view pages or download content, we automatically collect and store the following:

  • the total aggregate number of visitors (unique, new and and repeat) to the site and specific pages
  • referring sources to the site (direct link, search engine, etc.)
  • the requested web page(s) and associated volume
  • specific keywords used to access the site
  • the date and time of specific access to the site and corresponding pages
  • system specific statistics including users:  web browser, screen resolution and operating system

Terms & Conditions

The Tuckahoe Elementary School Parent Teacher Association (TESPTA) Website website was developed by a team of parents / volunteers with the purpose to share information specific to the TESPTA.  This information is available to anyone with internet access.

The TESPTA Web Team has put forth great effort to ensure that the posted content is current and accurate, however inadvertent errors can occur.  TESPTA disclaims any responsibility for typographical errors and the accuracy of information posted on the TESPTA website and is not responsible for the results of any defects or omissions that may be found to exist in the website, or any consequential damages that may result from such errors.

Additionally, pages located on this website may provide direct access to the internet. Because the TESPTA website connects to the Internet, once you leave the TESPTA domain, TESPTA cannot control the information you access. Each individual site has its own set of policies. TESPTA makes no assurances of the accuracy or validity of information presented on linked websites that are external to our domain.

By using the TESPTA website, you assume all risks associated with the use of this site, including any risk to your computer, software or data being damaged by any virus, software, or any other file which might be transmitted or activated via this website or your access to it.

We welcome your suggestions, questions or comments regarding our site. Please feel free to send these comments to the Website Team at admin@tuckahoepta.org.