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Tuckahoe’s PTA offers you many opportunities to become involved with your child, the teachers, and staff members of the school. All parents are encouraged to become active members of the PTA and are urged to attend the meetings. Interesting, informative, and entertaining programs are planned throughout the year. Tuckahoe faculty and staff members are extremely proud and appreciative of the outstanding support received from the PTA.


Tuckahoe Elementary is one of the oldest elementary schools in the western part of Henrico County. While the current building was under construction, Mrs. Ruby Carver and Mrs. Carrington held a first and second grade class in the basement of Paradise, a rural residence built by Dr. Thomas Patterson in 1825. The school held its first official Open House on September 26, 1947. The first principal was Mrs. Nan St. Clair King.

The word “tuckahoe,” an Algonquin Indian word meaning “edible root,” was originally spelled tockawhougha. From New Jersey to Maryland the Indian dug and fed upon these tuckahoes and frequently named the creeks and rivers on whose banks they were found “Tuckahoe.” Thus, there is the Tuckahoe River in New Jersey, a Tuckahoe Creek in Maryland, and the Tuckahoe Creek which is the western boundary of Henrico County.

Over the years Tuckahoe’s student population has grown. This growth has resulted in additions to the original building which include additional classrooms, a gymnasium, a science lab, and a computer lab.  During the school’s most recent years, the library and courtyard have been enhanced tremendously by the PTA. Patrons have created a beautiful mural in the library which serves as a focal point for highlighting the best in children’s literature. Students have had the opportunity to contribute to the courtyard’s beautification by planting trees and shrubbery in this area. In 1997, the PTA completed a $100,000 playground renovation project. In 2000, the SCA and PTA funded a mural for the school cafeteria that provides a visual history of the area. In 2002, the PTA funded a new Imac computer lab and new Imacs for the Kindergarten rooms.

The school colors are green and white. The school mascot is the Tuckahoe Brave.

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